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Gift Ideas for Grandma

Big Hug for GrandmaWhat do you call your grandma? Is it a cute nickname such as Bubbles (for a grandma with a bubbly personality!), Nanoo or Granny Cupcakes? Avo, Babushka or Daadee?

Or simply Granny, Gran, Nanna or Nan? Grandparents, and especially Grandma’s, are a central part of most of our family’s lives whether they are just round the corner, a couple of hours drive away or even on the other side of the world.

You might pop round for a cup of tea, or be zooming once a week to show them the latest creation made by the youngest grandchild at playschool, but the conversation between you and them is like the ebb and flow of the tide.

In the UK, Grandparents' Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of October each year, however we’re not saying you should wait till then to give them a present and show how great your grandma is, a small unusual gift out of the blue means just as much as a big item on a nominated day!

So here’s a few of our best suggestions which are fun and different- next time you see your gran, give her a cuddle – she deserves it!

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Grandmother

Pink Spring Floral Cushion

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Beautiful Spring Floral cushion to make your Grandma smile.

Wilder Hare Brooch

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Gorgeous wooden hare brooch - comes in a gift box too.

Wilder Hare Jigsaw

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Wilder Hare Jigsaw Puzzle - Something for your grandma to do in the evenings.

Wilder Hedgehog Bag

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Grandma's do like their shopping bags - this one is special with a lovely Hedgehog design on both sides.

Wild Wood Bumble Bee Bag

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Our Bumble Bee canvas bag is sturdy and colourful - perfect for a grandma gift.

Oodle of Poodles Apron

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If your grandma is into dogs - we have a few collective noun dog aprons that may be right up her street.

Wilder Mug

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How about a lovely Bee mug!

Pansies Tea Towel

Pansies Tea Towel

If your Grandma is into baking then look no further than our Maxim Blue Tea Towels!

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Delicious Bee Tea Towel

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Your Grandma will love her Hum of Bumble Bees tea towel.

Goldfinch Clock

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Gorgeous Goldfinch clock - check out the rest of the range too - just perfect for a gift for your Nan.

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