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Gifts for Animal Lovers

Animal LoversAnimals are awesome! There we’ve said it! But seriously, they are.

As a nation, we are passionate about pets and the wild animals we see in our gardens and in the landscape that surrounds us, whether it is urban or countryside.

From the foxes that may ‘skulk’ along alleyways, to the Highland Cows that are a fixture of the Scottish pastures, to the deer that roam through woods and highlands, to our very own four-legged friends - the lovable mutt who we take out for walks in the wind & rain (and everything else in between) - we love animals!

If you’re looking for an unusual gift for an animal lover then you’ve come to the right place as we have lots and lots of ideas to choose from.

(BTW - If you follow us on Instagram you’ll regularly see the adventures of ‘Dog’ as he goes on his daily commute – the stick is everything to him.)

Our work tends to gravitate to the animals that are associated as being a native species of the UK with hares, seals, puffins, badgers, pheasants, otters, puffins, hedgehogs, and red squirrels featuring in our Wilder, Wildwood and Animal Ink collections.

Don’t worry though, for those who have a domestic pet or farm animals, pigs, mice, sheep, kittens, cats, puppies, pugs, poodles and many more have a place in our ‘Collective Nouns’ collection.

Ideas for Presents for Animal Lovers

Animal Ink Clock

Gorgeous Hare clock to put on your wall.
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Bloc Range Animal Mugs

Our fabulous BLOC mugs are made in Stoke on Trent.
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Wilder Range Animal Brooches

Printed on laser cut walnut wood and made in Devon.
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Animal Ink Tea Towels

100% cotton tea towel with a cheeky Seal - printed in London UK.
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Wilder Range Chopping Boards

Laser etched on solid Beech - made in Devon.
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Wilder Range Clocks

Our Wilder range clocks are stylish and functional - made in Worcestershire.
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Wilder Fridge Magnets

Our cheeky Otter comes in a teal and grey version as do all the range.
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Wilder Range Coasters

Gorgeous coasters to brighten up any table with you favourite animal or bird.
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Wild Wood Canvas Animal Prints

Choose from a 12" size or a 22" size to make your walls look stunning.
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Wild Wood Owl Apron

Distinctive aprons handmade in London UK
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Wilder Range Animal Mugs

Gorgeous bone china mugs featuring Hares, Hedgehogs and other birds and animals in stylish grey and dark blue.
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