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Gifts for Bird Lovers and Bird Watchers

Our connection to nature and in particular the bird-life that surrounds us has never been stronger, whether it be seeing blackbirds rooting around in the grass for worms.

The simple pleasure of feeding the ducks at a local pond with kids in tow, hearing the bright green London parakeets in Richmond Park.

Or finding ‘quieter’ woodland inhabitants on long country walks – it’s fair to say as a nation, WE LOVE BIRDS.

For the young ornithologist in all of us, Perkins & Morley have some great, and unusual presents, all of which feature the UK’s resident bird population.

From chaffinches to owls, avocets to kingfishers, blackbirds to starlings, puffins to robins.

The birds that inhabit the beloved land and seascapes that inspire Jill and Jan’s work, feature on an array of home-ware, accessories, cushions, and bird-themed gifts.

All of which they are proud to say is made in the UK. So whether you or a family member, are an amateur bird spotter or a full-on ‘twitcher’ here are few ideas …

Gift Ideas for Bird Watchers and Bird Lovers

Animal Ink Owl Clock

Our Animal Ink collection features fabulous line drawings by Jan Morley of various animals and birds on bright colour backgrounds.

This design is a Tawny Owl which is a really nice example of a perfect gift for a bird lover or bird watcher.

Click here to view to the full collection...

Bird Themed Collective Nouns Coasters Collection

Did you know that a group of Thrushes is a mutation? And who knew that a group of Wrens are called a chime?

Collective nouns are fascinating and there can be more than one collective noun for each bird – also it can depend on what the bird is doing i.e.

A gaggle of Geese are on the ground, or a skein of Geese are a flying group.

Click here to view these lovely bird themed coasters...

Wildwood Bird Themed Cushions

Watercolour and pen illustrations by Jill Perkins are featured on this collection of cushions with a woodcut style background behind the image.

The bird designs are a perfect gift for any friend who loves different types of birds from an Avocet to a Wren.

Click here to view...

Wild Wood Canvas Bird Lovers Prints

Fabulous canvas prints – made in the UK from high quality pine frames and a heavy 260gsm canvas.

The designs are taken from original watercolour and pen art by Jill Perkins with a woodcut style pattern of leaves and ferns behind.

A really stylish addition to any bird lovers home.

Click here to view...

A Murmuration of Starlings Collective Nouns Clock

If you have ever seen a murmuration of Starlings, you will know that it is the most amazing sight.

We have spent hours waiting, as the sun goes down at the Leighton Moss RSPB site and have been richly rewarded. The sound of their wings and the acrobatic display is just breath-taking.

Click here to view...

A Head of Curlews Collective Noun Coasters

The Curlew is the largest European wading bird and has a distinctive call.

They eat worms, shellfish and shrimps and can be found on farmland, grassland, marine and intertidal, uplands and wetlands.

The collective noun for a group of the is a head of Curlews.

Click here to view...

Bird Themed Collective Nouns Tea Towels

A gorgeous tea towel that is beautiful and educational to boot.

Featuring 15 of Jan Morley’s best bird collective noun illustrations in a grey, green and mustard colourway, this is a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Screen printed in the UK on unbleached cotton.

Click here to view...

Owl Themed Wild Woods Clock

A gorgeous illustration by Jill Perkins of a Little Owl with its distinctive stare. A lovely addition to your kitchen wall.

Click here to view...

Blue Tit Key Peg Panel

An illustration by Jill Perkins of a Blue Tit and its baby, guaranteed to make you smile and give you the perfect place to hang those keys.

Click here to view...

King Fisher Sew-n-Sew Brooch

From an illustration by Jill Perkins using pieces of fabric sewn together to make up an image of a Kingfisher.

The finished artwork is then printed on wood to make a unique brooch.

Click here to view...

Zig-Zag Owl Themed Comfy Cushions

Little Owl family from our Zig Zag range. So cute! Put some art on your sofa.

Click here to view...

Wild Wood Avocet Comfy Cushions

Gorgeous Avocet illustration by Jill Perkins printed onto a cotton cushion, lovingly handmade in London UK.

Click here to view...

Bird Themed Wild Wood Tote Bags

Bird Illustrations by Jill Perkins are printed onto cotton and hand sewn in London. A fabulous tote bag with a bright coloured gusset. Very stylish!

Click here to view...

Zig-Zag Bird Themed Coasters

The Zig Zag range features illustrations by Jill Perkins of Birds with their offspring – what could be a better gift for a bird enthusiast?

Click here to view...

Wilder Puffin Themed Mugs

Don’t you just love a Puffin? Especially on a bone china mug made in Stoke on Trent.

Click here to view...

Are You Looking For More Gift Ideas for Friends and Family?

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Ok that's the end of this list of gift ideas for the bird lover or ornithologist in your life.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope it gave you some ideas and inspiration!

Jan & Jill

(Aka Perkins and Morley)

PS - We also like to think that Jill & Jan’s artwork is educational. Did you know that a group of goldfinches was called a ‘charm’?

That you have a ‘bellowing’ of bullfinches or a ‘chime’ of wrens?

The Collective Noun – Birds collection is a brilliant way to gen up on your bird knowledge, and impress at the next pub quiz.